Jan 23, 2015

Year 13 camp, Ponui Island

Esther Soochoon-Nosa reports on the Annual Year 13 camp

To be fairly honest I wasn't too keen on attending Year 13 camp.  Some of you may be thinking...”Are you serious?!" or some of you may have been on the same boat.  But never has my judgement been so wrong.  Camp was something I will forever cherish; it was an experience of a lifetime and it was an extraordinary way to start our last year at Edgewater College.

We arrived at Ponui Island for a jam-packed 3 day camp.  Already off the barge and there we were ready to set up our tents and get stuck into it.  We were organised into groups and then the battles began.  Our first day consisted of activities which helped us to develop stronger relationships with our teams, putting our strategic tactics and physical abilities together to win.  

After knowing each other for 4 years, who knew that we could grow any closer!  These activities helped us to gain confidence and trust; mine was put to the test when we had to get our whole team over a 2m high rope without touching the rope.  It was a challenge but we were actually the only team who succeeded in doing this!

In the evening, we all got together to play night games.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much and seeing a smile on everyone’s face. I could tell no one wanted the night to end.

Woken up at 7am the next day, we were ready to start another adventure - a hike to the other side of the island.  It was so beautiful; the view and scenery was well worth it and we all looked forward to having a swim on the other side.  That night we had the chance to witness kiwis in their natural habitat and because my group was so skilful, we were the only group to actually spot a kiwi.

 Another amazing thing about camp was that it gave me an opportunity to come out of my comfort zone, and to try things I would never have done at home.  Overall, it was a blast.

I want to thank my year 13’s for making it the best possible camp it could be.  We came into it just knowing each other and we came out as a family.  Special thanks to Miss Benjamin, Mr Holmes, Mr Williamson, Mrs Trollip, Mr Worsfold and Mrs Bayley.  Thanks also to Emily, Richard and Sam for making sure our camp was awesome. 

So to all you year 12s, do take this opportunity next year because it’s one you will definitely not regret.

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